London Grip C-Stand Trolley

On location or in the studio the London Grip Cart will transport your C-Stands with ease.

For professional photographic and film shoots C-Stands are essential. With large pneumatic tyres and super lightweight aluminium construction, ten C-Stands complete with arms and knuckles, can be moved quickly on set. Importantly the London Grip Cart will also keep the stands tidy and ready for fast use around camera.

Built upon the legendary Magliner hand truck, the London Grip Cart utilises Patent Pending CNC Machined parts that are produced and assembled in London. Whilst the trolley is primarily designed to fit C-Stands it can also be used on set to transport other stands and grip items. A six stand cart is also available.

The trolley can be shipped ready for use or we can send the components in kit form ready to fit to your own locally purchased Magliner Hand Truck.

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